Coming Up With the Idea for Our Popular Leather Market Tote

Leather Market Tote

Since The Market Tote has been our top seller (and my favorite, shhh don’t tell the bucket bag) it seemed only fair to share a bit of the design and story behind it!

The Story Behind The Market Tote

One day in the vast research library we also call the Internet, I came across a simple photo of a leather bag that was made like a plastic grocery bag. Soft leather, curved handle openings on the sides, just like those white grocery bags that our grandma collected in her pantry. It intrigued me, but I immediately pictured something sturdier:

Market Tote full of groceries.

Something that would stand up to 2 heads of lettuce, a loaf of bread, bottle of wine, and maybe even a wedge of cheese.

Market tote as a computer bag,

Or a laptop, day planner, novel, jacket and bottle of water.

Market Tote as get away weekend bag

Or two outfits, a make-up bag, pair of heels and a flat iron.


Are you catching on to my vision yet?


Turning My Leather Market Tote Idea Into a Prototype

I sketched out a rough shape of the handle design and took it to the workshop one evening as we worked on prototypes.

Having the shoulder straps was a must to me. Those moments when you need two hands but both are already in use? They happen to all of us. But to give it more usability, I wanted handles for easy flow from one carrying style to another.

Outside view of leather market tote.

The smooth flow of the curved handles showed simple yet eye-catching design. The strong and sturdy leather gave practical luxury. I was excited before we even laid out the pattern.

The first prototype came off the sewing machine that evening and I immediately knew that was it. It was the perfect simple shoulder tote with a design edge on all the others. On the second prototype I added about six inches to the length and also made it slightly deeper at the bottom.

The more I looked at it and carried it, I knew it was done.

market_tote_lifestyle_featureAuthentic Leather Market Tote

Sometimes in design, it’s more about knowing when to stop than reaching for one more detail. Perfection is at times elusive, at times so apparent.


The Market Tote in Real Life

A few weeks ago I flew to Denver, Colorado with only my new leather Market Tote to keep me company in-flight. It carried my snacks, extra scarf, chargers and ear-phones as well as books, my laptop and make up bag.

As I stood in line at security, I half-noticed the guy behind me hold his phone out to the side for a second then put it back to his ear, “Hey honey, I’m back. Just had to take a picture of a really cool concept that I want to show you.”

I took so long debating with myself whether to be happy with the compliment or upset that he took a photo of My Bag without asking that I lost my chance to respond!

Usually people just say, “Hey I love your bag!” Where did you get it? But you know, there’s always that one guy


What’s in my bag?

Recently Meg went shopping at her local markets and came home with a bag full of ingredients for her own spin on Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana recipe. See how it all fits in her Market Tote!


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