She's got everyday style that's ahead of the curve.


Take your office with you to the coffee shop, on the plane, or to your favorite co-working space.


Polish your everyday style with this simply chic bag.


Messenger Bag

My Backpack Messenger has become a beautiful part of my day as a teacher. The sleek and minimalist design match any outfit and make it a timeless piece that I can enjoy for a lifetime.

Mary Henke


Market Tote

I love my Market Tote! It’s sturdy enough to carry anything I need to carry. I’ve traveled with it by plane—it makes the perfect carry-on. I use it for weekends away, for days out with the kids, and bringing home groceries. I love how everyone notices it wherever I go!

Sharon Stoltzfus


Half Moon Crossbody Bag

I’m in love with my Half Moon Crossbody Bag! It goes with any style I might be wearing and it's the perfect size—not too bulky, but still enough room. I’d definitely recommend this bag to anyone!

Damaris Horst


Two cousins were born Amish and grew up as the best of friends. What do you call that, friendsins? Valuing the simplicity of our backgrounds, we really wanted to create a quality, timeless bag that would simply fit your everyday.
Building a community of women around Urban Southern and high quality leather bags.

Leather Bags with a Different Kind of Style

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AT THE HEART OF URBAN SOUTHERN At the heart of our vision behind Urban Southern is the notion that practical, high-quality leather bags are for every woman. (And dudes that 💖 our bags, too.) We’re Everyday Women As we filled our VIP seats at both of the runway shows we accessorized at New York Fashion…

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How I found my Style — From Amish to New York Fashion Week - Regina Bauman, Urban Southern

From Amish to New York Fashion Week

By Regina Bauman | February 15, 2017

The Beginning: Born Amish I was born Amish and raised conservatively, so “style” was not a word I heard often growing up. I remember when I was thirteen, my mom made me a jumper, which was essentially a sleeveless dress. A “boughten” shirt, which is a plain button down collared shirt was added underneath the…

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5 Easy Ways to Stay Afloat with Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 Easy Ways to Stay Afloat with Your New Year’s Resolutions

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1. Don’t Make Any This is the best advice you will receive from this post. I used to be one of those addicted to making many resolutions that I forgot about three weeks later. At the time I felt powerful, unstoppable. I can do anything! All I have to do is write it down! I’m…

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