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Uniquely designed for distributed weight carry, the Market Tote can hold a world of goods with absolute comfort.


A wardrobe staple with luxurious quality to make your simple everyday, simply extraordinary.


Not too big and not too small, this intrepid little crossbody adds cool confidence to your everyday style.

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Crossbody Wallet

Ah, let me count the ways that I love my wonderful Crossbody Wallet. As a mother to 5, I love being able to take only my wallet into stores. It was easy to shorten the straps to fit my smaller frame perfectly.

El Stoltzfus


Market Tote

My Triangle Clutch is just the right blend of classy and funky to suit me. Total strangers comment on it, and its surprisingly capacious interior holds all I need for an evening out. Whenever I need an extra bit of oomph for an outfit, this is the perfect accessory.

Rachel Troyer


Market Tote

I love my leather Market Tote. I don't leave home without it. Seth calls it my (car) trunk. Oh, and I really, really like it. A lot. The end.

Sarah Barker


Two cousins were born Amish and grew up as the best of friends. What do you call that, friendsins? Valuing the simplicity of our backgrounds, we really wanted to create a quality, timeless bag that would simply fit your everyday life.
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Founder and Designer, Regina Bauman, Urban Southern, with classy personal style. Her Winter Style is effortless and simple.

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