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How to Find A Bag that Fits Your Unique Personality

regina and deb reading books under a tree


Have you ever wondered how to choose a bag?

How to find one that is really you, that shows your unique and uncommon personality to the world? Along with the practicalities of which one works the best for your everyday we wanted to help you choose the perfect bag, for you.

If you’re one of those people that loves a good dive into personalities and quizzes that help you determine what type you are, this is for you. We’ve done the research and created this quiz based on personalities so you can find your perfect everyday carry that’s just, well, you.

We did this Bag Quiz over a year ago, and women loved reading through them and choosing their perfect design. After launching all the new products a year ago, we never updated it with all of our current designs — until now.


So let’s find out…

bag quiz graphic what does your bag say about you


bag quiz crossbody wallet with gina


bag quiz urban tote


bag quiz Monterey Backpack


bag quiz market tote with gina


bag quiz five pocket ruby


bag quiz heritage saddlebag


bag quiz Britt crossbody with Britt


bag quiz ruby Wallet with deb

bag quiz regina tote with Jen


bag quiz half moon crossbody


bag quiz 5th Avenue Clutch


bag quiz reference graphic


'Style, to me, is an extension of one's personality, a kind of self expression which is very personal. It is an expression of your moods, your personality.'' Anushka SharmaClick To Tweet

Have you found your perfect leather bag? Do you make practicality your first priority when looking for a handbag, or do you focus on style first and foremost?






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