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5 Tips for Styling Sweaters in Your Outfit

A flat lay of an easy everyday layered style with a sweater, denim skirt, and full grain black leather bag.

1. Make a “V” or a Line. Or Both.

This first style tip comes from one of my favorite stylists, Hilary Rushford. In her style class, Hilary teaches women to create either a “V” or a Line (waistline) in every outfit. If you’re able to create both, it’s a bonus! I love simple outfit tips that help me figure out how to make an outfit look more flattering or pulled together.

Style tip: Create either a 'V' or a Line (waistline) in every outfit. If you’re able to create both, it’s a bonus!Click To Tweet

You can create a “V” or a Line in a few different ways. Sweaters with a v-shaped chevron stripe are great because they have a “built-in-V.” Make a “V” by wearing a long cardigan or jacket over your sweater. You may also wear a long pendant necklace or style a blanket scarf to create a “V.”

A great way to create a “Line,” a waistline, is to tuck in the front of a sweater when it’s not too bulky. I love this look. You can also create a Line in your outfit by layering a short sweater with an outfit. If you’re feeling edgy, wear a pair of high waisted jeans with a crop top sweater.

An outfit that has both a "v" and a line.

Image Source

A chevron patterned sweater that creates a V in an outfit.

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An outfit with the layer creating a V, ticked in sweater to create the waistline.

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An outfit with a sweater turtleneck, tucked in to create a waistline.

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2. Keep it Simple

Choose to wear sweaters in solid colors to add a classy feeling to your outfit. Solid colored pieces tend to be the most timeless, also I’ve had some of my solid colored sweaters for over 5 years!


3. Be Comfortable and Confident

A secret to feeling confident under the bulky weight of a particular sweater is to feel comfortable in it. Choose a sweater made from a soft knit, that is a good fit, and goes with anything. Then you can feel great in it and stay cozy!


4. Buy sweaters that are easy to take care of.

As much as I love wool, it’s too itchy and too high maintenance for me to take care of on an everyday basis. I keep wool pieces to outer layers, like my long gray trench coat that makes me feel like a fabulous New Yorker.

Check the care instructions of a sweater before you buy it. If it requires dry cleaning and you don’t go to the dry cleaners frequently, you probably won’t wear that sweater very often.

Tip: As a thrifting/boutique lover, I find it helpful to buy used sweaters that are already pre-shrunk.


5. Add the finishing touch — a leather bag!

Last but definitely not least, add the cherry on top of your outfit by styling your look with a leather bag. There’s nothing better than chunky knits and leather together! The mix of soft and shapeless with sturdy and structured take your style from “meh” to “amazing!” A good leather bag always polishes your style, so go ahead and buy all the Urban Southern bags! They’re the last bags you’ll ever need to buy.

Outfit board with sweaters and accessories, including the Half Moon Crossbody Bag in black leather.

A good leather bag always polishes your style — the mix of soft and shapeless with sturdy and structured take your outfit from “meh” to “amazing!”Click To Tweet

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  1. JoLynn Howard on February 22, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    I want the Black/Gold sweater! Do you sell it? I am a faithful New Orleans Saints fan!

    • Meg Delagrange on February 22, 2019 at 2:22 pm

      Hey JoLynn, thank you for checking out these tips! I don’t have a link to that Black/Gold sweater, unfortunately! 🙁

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