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10 Easy + Fun Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

Founder and Designer, Regina Bauman, Urban Southern, with classy personal style. Her Winter Style is effortless and simple.

Several weeks ago I shared my story, From Amish to New York Fashion Week. We had an overwhelming response to that post and many ladies reached out to ask me more about how I found my personal style. I broke my process down into these 10 practical steps.

1. Read the Book

Carol Tuttle’s “Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Type of Beauty” (free Kindle version on Amazon!) uses an energy + personality profiling system which is more comprehensive than the usual profiling that simply use your skin tone and hair color. It includes your personality which is a holistic approach.

A beautiful woman is a woman who brings her personality forth to shine!Click To Tweet

2. Find Your Personal Color Profile

Based on your personality and energy traits, choose your dominant color and style profile.

Dress Your Truth Personality Type Color Profile

If you have a hard time choosing, you are quite likely a Type 2!

Some of us aren’t firmly in one profile, but we may be slightly more dominant in one than another. Choose your dominant type, and find the color profile that goes with it.

This is an example of what a Type 4 outfit might look like:

Type four, flat lay outfit board with outfits and leather bags.



1. Black and White Striped Women’s Sleeveless Shift Dress | Land’s End
2. Yellow Women’s Sleeveless Shift Dress | Land’s End
3. Denim Jacket | American Eagle
4. Black and White Infinity Scarf | Etsy
5. Royal Blue Bracelet | Amazon 
6. Tan Leather Sandal | Steve Madden 
7. Cobalt Blue Flats | Tieks
8. Half Moon Crossbody Bag | Urban Southern
9. 5-Pocket Crossbody Bag | Urban Southern

3. Create a Wardrobe Planner

Un-Fancy has an amazing printable wardrobe planner that I have used several times to plan a seasonal capsule wardrobe. It helps you shop your closet, plan for your seasonal needs, and create a new shopping list.

4. Shop Your Closet

First of all, let’s go shop your closet!

You may already have a lot of pieces that fit your style, and you just need to combine them differently.Click To Tweet

As you go through each piece, try it on to remember why you did or didn’t like it. It may even help to take  photos of outfits you put together that you want to remember. Try some new combinations!

TIP: This is where it is fun to include a friend, as they can help you with opinions. Just don’t invite too many at once, or you may be overwhelmed with advice.

♥ Take note of fit — even if a top is a perfect color for you, it doesn’t make it right for you. If it doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable, you still won’t wear it.
♥ Jot down notes in your wardrobe planner on styles, fabrics, and brands that you know work for you.
♥ Pull out all the shoes in the back of your closet.
♥ Go through your underwear drawer.
♥ Make a list of basics that you need, such as tanks and leggings.

Start a donation box with anything that doesn’t fit your criteria.

5. Make a New Shopping List

If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of buying a whole new wardrobe, don’t! This is not a “conquer in a day” project.

Take your time and your budget into consideration and choose several new pieces each month until you have a solid foundation of basic pieces. This gives you time to adjust your list according to your needs as you go.

♥ Add details such as which stores/brands have your best fitting items.
♥ Which brands speak to your personal style the most?
♥ Don’t forget to take notes on the types of silhouettes that are most flattering to your body shape: Straight skirts and fitted tops? Leggings and tunic-style tops? Long cardigans?

6. Remember: Quality over Quantity

Whenever possible, buy quality over quantity. This is always dependent on clothing budget, of course. One wool jacket will last you years, while paying for a new puffer jacket every year adds up.

When you know your personal style, you will be shopping for your style, not the new trends every year.Click To Tweet

Yes, our style will always keep evolving, and that’s a good thing! Once you have a solid foundation of basic pieces, a few new items every season will keep you feeling and looking on trend without a full-on wardrobe refresh with every new trend.


Fun and disturbing fact: Our grandmothers saw two clothing seasons and now with the crazy low price of clothes being produced in third world countries the style trends are set to last for only a week!


TIP: Shop for fabrics that last, not the cheap cotton that pills after several washes. Look for real leather, quality cotton, wool, and other fabrics that stand the test of time. Invest your money in things that you will love more every time you wear them. You can buy a small number of quality pieces.

You will have your own unique, authentic, and timeless style. You are not bound to whatever fashion designers create for this season, yet you’ll always look stylish!

7. Let’s Go Shopping!

It’s time to hit the stores! Again, this is not a sprint. Don’t expect to take a full day and find everything on your list. (Then again, it doesn’t hurt to try:)

Always try it on. A dressing room with bad lighting can still tell you if the fit is flattering or not!

If you walk out of a store with one item, that’s a good thing. You’re not shopping for quantity but for quality.

Be picky, don’t settle for something because it’s cheap, or because you may not find something better. Don’t be afraid to wait!Click To Tweet

There are factories out there making new clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your perfect fit is out there somewhere. The more you shop with your new style and color guides, the more confident you will become in what is NOT for you.

You are a beautiful stylish woman and you are worth the time and attention you are giving to yourself.Click To Tweet

Maybe shopping online is more your speed, or you like the idea of having a stylist pick your clothes. Whatever works for you and your lifestyle, just do it! This is also a perfect time to grab a friend or two and have some fun.

8. Organize Your Closet

Maybe this is just a Type 4 thing, but since I have organized my closet, it makes me so much happier to pull open my drawers, see the neatly folded tees and leggings all in order and easy to see at a glance. When I open my closet door, the skirts are hanging in the middle, tops on one side and dresses on the other with plenty of space in between pieces.

I can see what I have to choose from at a glance. When you take the time to fold your clothes carefully and hang your items on hangers, you’ll appreciate your clothes and what they do for you!

TIP: Think about the quality of what you buy: A $10 tee shirt from Walmart won’t seem worth the time it takes to fold it. But a $60 top will be worth your time to launder carefully and hang or fold with equal care.

9. Maintain Your Perfectly-You Personal Style

Your style will continue to evolve and that is the beauty of being a woman!

TIP: Always keep a solid foundation of basic essentials in your closet.Click To Tweet

When you have that, it will give you the confidence to mix it up with an edgy new piece, if you want to. Try a new combination, and add in some new pieces with the trends and seasons. In fashion, rules are made to be broken. If you just love that comfortable gray tee with #wifey on the front but gray isn’t your best color, wear it anyway. Adding confidence to an outfit is always your best accessory – rock it!

Quick tip: Wear it with a jacket or cardigan in your best color:)

Having a solid sense of your personal style gives you even more freedom to experiment with it, not less.Click To Tweet

10. Feel Beautiful Everyday

Imagine putting on an outfit every day that made you feel not only beautiful but also perfectly you.Click To Tweet

From your hairstyle to your outfit all the way down to your shoes— you will love everything about what it does for you.

When you are not hiding behind your clothes, but you are honestly being your authentic self, it brings a freedom and a confidence to your everyday. Imagine walking out into each day feeling beautiful and comfortable in your very own style. Let confidence and freedom motivate you to push through and find your personal style.


  1. Jo on April 6, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this write up! These are such helpful tips and great reminders. Thanks, Gina!

    • Regina Bauman on April 7, 2017 at 9:20 am

      Thanks Jo! So happy you found it helpful. <3

  2. Amy Sax on April 9, 2017 at 2:20 am

    Oh my goodness love every piece of advice here! Wish I’d read this ten years ago when struggling to figure all of this out! Quality over quantity – truth!. I found a simple black skirt for $130 @ Macys one day; brand was disqualified from any sales. But everything about the skirt was perfect (fit, cut, fabric) and I knew I had to get it. I have never regretted it!
    Learning to ditch the clutter and build a good foundation of the basics & essentials you mentioned was the start for me. It was the “not-so-fun part”, but necessary. Now I’m finding shopping to be more fun! With basics out of the way, I look to add a variety of tops and accessories. Thanks for sharing!

    • Regina Bauman on April 10, 2017 at 11:30 am

      Hey Amy! Love that you found these tips helpful. And a classic black skirt is an absolute must for a basic capsule. I’m still working on building my basic capsule of quality pieces, and it’s a fun process! Thanks for sharing a bit of your style journey, girl! – Regina

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