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The Urban Tote

(16 customer reviews)


Get going with a gorgeous, classic bag that’s versatile enough for any occasion.

The Urban Tote makes a statement because of its quality and timeless design.

Because of its versatile nature, women from all walks of life turn to the Urban Tote for nearly any occasion.

• Fun and practical enough for a day at the beach or a girls night out
• Big enough to carry your laptop to and from work
• Spacious enough to use as a mom bag, without the mom bag look
• Dress up or down

This bag’s classic design and gorgeous full-grain leather make it the perfect bag to grab for a business meeting, casual weekend or quick overnight trip.

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The Urban Tote Story

The Urban Tote is one of the first bags we ever designed, combining the design of a timeless leather tote bag with small touches that have turned it into an instant classic.

Since its conception, we’ve taken your feedback to perfect the details and bring you the most functional, durable and beautiful leather tote possible.

Now​​​ the Urban Tote has become one of our bestsellers, with women turning to it over and over for whatever event lies ahead. Based on what our customers are saying, you might never need, or want, another bag again.


How it’s made

All of Urban Southern’s bags are made for women, by women, and this bag is no exception.

One of the reasons the Urban Tote is so charming and timeless is because of the high-quality leather we use. Every detail of this bag is handcrafted from our full, grain custom leather by Ruby and Brittany, our two-member production team right here in Tennessee.

We sustainably source our leather from a local tannery in Kentucky, and worked for over a year to perfect the leather’s weight, color and finish to bring you a bag that is gorgeous, timeless and only gets more beautiful with wear.


Sleek and strong

For a bag that looks so sleek from the outside, you might be surprised to notice the Urban Tote’s airy interior, making room for even more than you may have thought possible.

The Urban Tote maintains its spacious, structured shape thanks to sturdy leather and a reinforced bottom, which keeps the bag standing up anywhere you place it down.



A generously sized interior pocket hangs inside; making it easy to instantly find your keys, wallet, phone or whatever else you don’t want to get lost at the bottom of your bag.

Strong copper rivets secure the leather straps to the bag, creating an 11.5 inch strap drop, the perfect length for slinging over your shoulder or carrying it in your hand. ​​​​​​​

Finally, stop scrambling through your tote to find your keys. Carry your bigger items without losing the small ones thanks to a generously sized interior pocket.

For every woman

The Urban Tote makes a statement because of its quality and timeless design.

Because of its versatile nature, women from all walks of life turn to the Urban Tote for nearly any occasion.

• Fun and practical enough for a day at the beach or a girls night out
• Big enough to carry your laptop to and from work
• Spacious enough to use as a mom bag, without the mom bag look
• Dress up or down

This bag’s classic design and gorgeous full grain leather make it the perfect bag to grab for a business meeting, casual weekend or quick overnight trip.

Because we handcraft each bag from full grain leather that has never been sanded down or processed, your bag will be uniquely yours, and the marks it collects with you along the way will make it even more yours.

Don’t think twice before slinging this over your shoulder on the way out the door.

Make the Urban Tote your next go-to, and never regret it thanks to its beautiful, practical design.


The Urban Tote by the numbers

• Rated 5 stars by customers
• 1 generously-sized interior hanging pocket
• Comfortable double shoulder straps, measuring 11.5” when extended
• Dimensions: 12″ Tall, 13.5″ Wide, 5″ Deep



This piece is designed to hold up to daily, frequent use and last you for a lifetime, but leather needs a little love to stay in tip top shape.

That’s why we made our Leather Cleaner and Leather Butter as part of our Leather Care Kit.

Here’s how to take care of your leather bag:

If your leather feels too stiff when it arrives, massage and roll it between your hands to soften it. Don’t be afraid to work it well! The best thing to do with a brand new leather bag is to use it. The more you use it, the softer and more beautiful it will get. Over time, full grain leather darkens and develops a natural sheen or patina.

Spot clean your leather bag gently with a soft, damp cloth, using our completely natural Leather Cleaner. Allow the leather to air dry completely (8-24 hours) before you condition it. Do not immerse your bag in water or use heat like a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Apply very small amounts of leather conditioner evenly on your entire leather bag. We recommend using our Leather Butter. You may also apply regular olive oil very sparingly as an alternative leather conditioner. The ideal time to condition leather to keep it healthy, supple and soft is about every 4-6 months.


Customers also love…

Tote Insert
If you want extra organization for your tote in addition to the Urban Tote’s interior hanging pocket, our fan-favorite Tote Insert does the trick.

Crossbody Wallet
Remove the straps on the Crossbody Wallet and take it with you inside the Urban Tote to store your credit cards and cash.

5th Avenue Clutch
Slide the envelope-style 5th Avenue Clutch inside your Urban Tote for even more organization.

Additional information

Weight1.14 lbs
Dimensions12 × 13.5 × 5 in

Honey Leather, Chestnut Brown Leather, Matte Black Leather

16 reviews for The Urban Tote

  1. Jessica Wagler

    I had been longing for a Urban Tote ever since I had
    seen the bag slung over someone else’ shoulder. I knew this was THE BAG,
    the one I’d love for years ! I’ve taken my tote to the beach , girls
    nights out and it’s even doubled as a book bag. Leather is so classic and
    timeless that it fits any occasion. I’ve also been infatuated with Urban
    Southern’s simplistic approach to design. It’s a pleasure to own this bag.

    Submitted by Jessica Wagler on Wed, 04/27/2016 – 20:15

  2. Emily Bontrager

    I received my Urban Tote a few days ago, and have been taking it with me absolutely everywhere since! The bag is beautiful, and strong enough to handle the books and art supplies I carry with me. It’s not every day you can find a bag both gorgeous and practical. I’ll be using this for many years to come. Thank you Regina, for helping me with my purchase! Your customer service is excellent!

  3. Jenn Horst

    I’ve had my Urban Tote for close to two years now, thanks to you, Urban Southern I’ve not purchased another bag since! It’s been in and out of the country with me and has withstood various spills, sand and dirt. (This leather is so easy to clean!) I look forward to many more years with my fabulous bag!

  4. Elaina Gordon

    As a speech therapist I am always trying to find ways to stay organized between planning for therapy sessions and scheduling meetings. This leather bag is durable and spacious which allows plenty of room for personal and work related items. I can fit my laptop, planner, and any other items that I need throughout  my busy day. Additionally, the style is timeless and goes anything from business attire, to a casual weekend. I’m looking forward to using this bag for many years to come!

  5. Rebecca

    I cannot say enough about the Urban Tote. It classic stylish and so versatile. Lot’s of room and very sturdy and well made for a busy mom to a single gal out for a night on the town. It’s definitely and eye catcher wherever I go.

  6. Rebecca

    i just received my urban tote in black and I absolutely love it. Perfect design/size for a tote bag and the inside pocket is also a great size. A lot of puses that could be great are not because the inside pocket is too small. Not this bag. The leather is gorgeous. Thank u also for the leather key fob included in the order. I attached it to my key ring and it makes finding your keys super easy.

  7. Gene Gossett

    My wife loves her new Urban Tote – everything about it – the look, size, utility, and the fresh leather smell. Good job! Keep up the good work!

  8. Sommer Kamphaus

    Love my urban tote! Holds so much, but isn’t too big. I’ve conditioned it and it brought my bag back to new!

  9. Ted Barton

    Bought this for my wife as a Christmas present with the insert. It is her absolute favorite bag. She cannot say enough good things about it. I think the Regina Tote is next.

  10. Stephanie C

    I purchased this tote about a year ago in the brown, and it is the absolute best purchase I have ever made. And the coolest thing about this tote …. the more wear it gets, the prettier the leather becomes!! I loved this tote so much I purchased a black half-moon crossbody for my mom 4 months later (which she absolutely adores it) and I’m waiting for the first sale of 2018 to purchase another Urban Tote in black leather!!!! Thank you ladies for phenomenal craftsmanship. Worth every penny.

  11. Tiffany Y

    I just received my new tote in brown and it is beautiful! I opened the box and just took in that wonderful leather smell. It reminded me of the smell of saddles when I used to ride horses. Brought me right back to my childhood! I can tell the bag is very well made and will last many years. Thank you for my new favorite bag and I am telling all my friends about UrbanSouthern.

  12. Beatriz C

    I just received my urban tote bags. I ordered both the chestnut brown, and the matte black…I like big bags and I cannot lie! The urban tote is a very classic, timeless silhouette that I’m sure will last me a lifetime. That is why I chose to buy each color. I know what works for me, so why not? The leather is so buttery soft, and the scent of the leather is amazing. The small pocket inside comes in handy to keep your cell phone in place.

  13. Rachel

    Since I got my Urban Tote many moons ago, sometimes I’ve tried carrying other bags, but I always and forever come back to this one. The convenience of being able to throw everything in one place is just too tempting, and it makes just about every outfit a little more stylish. I expect to use this bag hard until death do us part. 😀

  14. mzal15945

    Every time a package is received from Urban Southern I think nothing could be more beautiful. Today I received the Urban Tote and truly believe it is the most beautiful—and the leather smell!, So glad I discovered you company and products. Truly exceptional.

  15. Rachel Roberson

    The Urban Tote has become my “take everywhere” bag/purse. I love how simple and classic it is!

  16. Stacy Foster

    This is my 3rd purse my husband has bought from Urban Southern and I absolutely LOVE them all I always get so many compliments every time I carry them . They are the best purses.

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