The Crossbody Wallet

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This sturdy wallet will become your new best friend. It holds what you need when you’re out and about — with credit card slots, a pocket for your smartphone, and a removable crossbody strap. Tuck a passport in it and take it on your next adventure, or remove the strap to turn it into a wallet or a clutch. Easy! And, its classic design adds a polishing touch to any outfit.⁣ It’s both practical and beautiful.

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Since something great can be made even greater, we took our popular Crossbody Wallet design and added some updates to the interior. We listened to the feedback from our customers and moved the credit card slots to the top half of the bag. We also added a thin lining behind the credit card slots, stitching it into place for added durability. We added a little snap closure to the lower pocket.

We kept all the things everyone loved about this beloved crossbody — it’s small size, removable shoulder straps, and practical details — but simply tweaked a few things to make it even more honestly valuable for your everyday errands.

Simple and uncomplicated

Sometimes a lady just wants something simple, uncomplicated. A secure pocket for a phone that can also be reached quickly. Several slots to keep her driver’s license and cards neatly organized. And a comfortable crossbody strap that easily comes off to make a clutch for her night out on the town.

Every lady needs one classic, universal piece to amp up her personal everyday style.

Versatile with classic style

This leather Crossbody Wallet swings easily over your shoulder and carries comfortably at your side all day long. It’s light and effortless style compliments many outfit styles for every occasion.

Simply remove the strap and hold it in your hand to go from day to evening. It’s all you need. Honestly!


Crossbody Wallet Features

• Phone Pocket (fits iPhone 7 and iPhone 8) with a leather closing tab to keep your technology secure
• Three Credit Card Slots (designed to hold more than one card each)
• Removable Shoulder Strap
• Adjustable Shoulder Strap
• One button closure

• 8 1/2″ wide, 5 1/4″High, 1″ Deep
• Longest Length: 51″ (from top of bag on either side)
• Shortest Length: 35″

The Crossbody Wallet is handcrafted right here in the south from a single piece of locally sourced, full grain leather. You’ll notice different color tones as well as distinctive marks and creases that vary from design to design. This is a way to determine that your leather is truly authentic — it’s the real deal. Over time your leather crossbody wallet will develop it’s own unique story as you take it with you everywhere you go. Good durable leather softens and becomes more beautiful with age and natural wear.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions13 × 9 × 3 in

Chestnut Brown Leather, Matte Black Leather

14 reviews for The Crossbody Wallet

  1. Kathryn

    The Crossbody Wallet is one of the most useful and stylish accessories I own. It’s the perfect size for all the necessities, and it makes a shopping trip a whole lot easier! Thanks to this wallet, there’s no more frantic searching for my phone at the bottom of my bag, and no more panic moments when my credit cards are misplaced. I love the simple design that helps me be so much more organized! Truly this wallet is a must have.

  2. Ellen Stoltzfus

    My beautiful Urban Southern sling wallet. Ahh let me count the ways that I love this wonderful little bag. I am a mother to 5, and I love reaching into my diaper bag, and taking only my wallet into stores. It was super easy shortening the straps to fit my smaller frame perfectly. However, the best feature is how easy it is to get into the wallet. One simple flip of my thumb, and it falls open, without worries of anything falling out. I LOVE my wallet! Thank you!

  3. Lynn Kemp

    Love the crossbody wallet! Very versatile, fits perfectly in diaper bag, beach bag, purse, or add your strap and use it as your crossbody alone!!! So many options!

  4. Lizzie Mitchell

    I got this lovely wallet for my birthday this year! I love it, and use it daily! This is a first for me as I’m not really a “purse person”. Keep making the great products!

  5. Courtney

    Love this wallet. It holds all of my necessities, including my phone. Love the simplicity. The customer service was great too!

  6. Megan B.

    I finally purchased this wallet after drooling over it for months, and I am kicking myself for waiting so long! It is equally functional and beautiful, without seeming “fussy.” I’m in love!

  7. laurafluhr

    Love this wallet!

  8. Dennis s

    Finally the perfect wallet for my wife

  9. TinaJewel

    I love, Love my Crossbody Wallet! I like that it easily fits at the end of the insert in my Regina Tote! I get it out when I go in stores and let my tote in the truck. With it across my shoulder, I do not have to worry about anyone picking my wallet out of my shopping cart when no one is looking because it’s on me!
    I took some friend’s kids to see the Christmas parade. The toddler wanted to be held because of the noise so I hooked her leg through my Crossbody Wallet to help hold her up so my arms didn’t get so tired!! Very sturdy!

  10. Pete

    Perfect purse. I bought both colors for my wife and she loves them. Customer service was TOP SHELF!

  11. Kathy McCauley

    I recently received the black cross body wallet and coin purse to add to my brown cross body wallet and bifold wallet. The cross body wallet is the perfect size for my everyday needs! My cards fit neatly in the front slots, money and the bifold or coin purse in the fold behind the cards and my keys and a lipstick in the top. I receive many compliments on my bags!

  12. hodiecanto

    I bought this cross body wallet to give my daughter-in-law for Christmas. It is beautiful! I cannot wait to give it to her. My daughter, after seeing it, begged me to get her one, too. I might have to get 2 additional–one for her and one for me!

  13. Jill Franklin

    I bought a black cross body and it was the first style where the phone was on top and the credit cards were on the part that flipped open. I loved it and still do but like the new version so much better. Thank you for putting the credit card holder on the top. Now I have black and brown. Truly does make shopping or any time you need your hands-free so much easier.

  14. Amanda

    Purchased this wallet 4 months ago. I like having something that’s not bulky to carry around but that carries the necessities. Really enjoying!

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