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Meet Urban + Southern

Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman

Recognition of the beauty and strength of all women and the bonds they share is at the core of our brand. We’re dedicated to supporting women along every step of their journey and building a community that uplifts and strengthens everyone who joins it. Urban Southern is, above all else, a place where women are seen, heard, and valued.

Women working together to create something beautiful.
Living with Intention

We believe that life is experienced best as a sweet juxtaposition of new and old, of hard and soft, of experiencing the excitement along a bustling urban street and the peace of a quiet morning filled with warm sunshine. We believe in living lives full of dreams and adventures while also valuing the journey that has made us who we are today.

A photo of all the women behind Urban Southern.

Handcrafted in our shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, each of our bags is made with full-grain leather, sourced from local tanneries, that has never been sanded down or processed. This authentic leather grows with you as you carry it, becoming softer and more beautiful the longer it accompanies you on your unique journey.

This is US





The husband and wife team at the helm of Urban Southern, Daniel and Rachel have built a life around handmade leather goods. When they’re not busy designing and crafting gorgeous leather creations, they love spending time together with their children, especially while outside, enjoying nature.

Growing up with 6 sisters, Daniel feels right at home in a business primarily driven by women. He and Rachel are extremely proud of the strong women that make up the Urban Southern team. They’re also deeply invested in the community the brand inspires among its followers.

Daniel’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the Monteray Backpack because it’s elegant yet functional. Rachel, who has a self-professed weakness for bags, couldn’t choose a favorite. She loves them all!

Ruby Schwartz, Production Manager and Designer at Urban Southern.

Ruby Schwartz


Ruby oversees the design and creation of all Urban Southern products. Her passion for the brand and eye for detail is evident in the exceptional quality of each bag Urban Southern produces.

Ruby loves everything about being a part of the Urban Southern team, from the day-to-day sewing, to working on new designs, to being constantly surrounded by the rich smell of leather. When she’s not putting her heart and soul into creating Urban Southern bags, you can find Ruby hiking, at the Crossfit gym, or curled up, binging on Netflix.

Ruby’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the 5-pocket Crossbody, thanks to its versatility and perfect size. She loves that it’s just big enough to hold all of her essentials.


Sadie Smoker


Sadie has always thrived on creating order from chaos. As store manager, she puts that talent to work overseeing daily operations and keeping things running smoothly. She’s also the friendly face of Urban Southern’s social media accounts.

Sadie is passionate about working for a company centered around women. She loves that supporting women is at the heart of the Urban Southern’s brand. When she’s not overseeing the store or popping up on your newsfeed, Sadie is probably out shopping for plants or planning her next movie night.

Sadie’s go-to Urban Southern bag is the Heritage Saddlebag. It’s the perfect size for her everyday life and has a unique look that suits her individual style.



Production Assistant

Joetta’s industrious and artistic spirit first led her to leatherwork when she decided to make herself a purse by watching YouTube videos. When she crossed paths with Daniel and Rachel, they just knew she would be the perfect production assistant for Urban Southern.

Joetta is thrilled to combine her love of sewing and leatherwork in a fun, team atmosphere like Urban Southern’s. When she’s not sewing and laughing with the rest of the Urban Southern team, Joetta is probably spending time outside with her family, walking, biking, or playing with their dogs.

Joetta’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the Heritage Saddlebag. She feels it’s just right in every way, not too big, not too small, and transitions perfectly from day to night!

Each Urban Southern bag is created one by one. No mass manufacturing here.

Let’s step into our shop, tucked away in the rolling farmland of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish Country.

The first thing you’ll notice is the rich smell of leather. Each leather hide has been sourced and tanned here in the USA, a byproduct of the food industry. Each hide has a different hue and markings that make it unique — this is how you can tell this leather is authentic.

We’ll unroll a leather hide and cut each piece needed for the bag’s design. We'll hold each piece carefully as we line it up and hold it steady to be stamped with a hot iron that brands each bag with our logo.

We'll sit down at the sewing machine and make sure each piece of leather is in place before we start carefully sewing them together.

Once a bag has been sewn, it is nestled in a bit of tissue paper and hand packaged in a stamped Urban Southern box before it makes its way to your doorstep. This way each leather bag has a story of its very own — from its beginning all the way through its journey with you.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We all love what we do and are proud to each have a part in creating quality leather bags that simply fit your everyday.