Meet Urban + Southern


Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman in 1988 as little Amish girls.

We, Regina and Meg, were both born Amish and grew up as the best of friends. Growing up, the focus of our culture was on simplicity and practical things. Our twenties took both of us away from our traditional settings—even living life abroad in different countries. However, we treasured the roots that helped us to grow into the strong women we are becoming.

Regina Bauman, founder of Urban Southern.

Valuing the rich heritage of our backgrounds, Urban Southern’s founder Regina Bauman, wanted to create timeless leather bags that would simply fit the everyday lifestyles of women from all walks of life. With the encouragement and expertise of her husband, a third generation leather craftsman, Regina's vision began to take shape.

Meg Delagrange, partner at Urban Southern

Meg Delagrange, Regina’s cousin, was Urban Southern’s first brand ambassador as a participant to test Regina’s designs in her everyday life. The girls grew up dreaming about working together. At the time Meg was the Creative Director of an agency. Having the skill set to build an online presence and believing in what Regina was doing, Meg left her position to join Urban Southern.

Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman as partners that build Urban Southern together and empower others.

We believe that we represent a unique voice for women. Bonds between women are at the core of our values — a bond that is forged through recognition of beauty and strength in all women. In the safety of a tribe, we found our voice and have a mission to help women find theirs. We share our personal stories so that others can connect and grow with us. We believe that honesty is the key to successful innovation in our products and ideas because it keeps us focused on becoming better at what we do.

Women working together to create something beautiful.

We believe that life is experienced best as a sweet juxtaposition of new and old, of hard and soft, of experiencing the excitement along a bustling urban street and the peace of a quiet morning filled with warm sunshine. We believe in living lives full of dreams and adventures while always valuing the journey that has made us who we are today.

A photo of all the women behind Urban Southern.

Each piece of leather that we use has a story of its own. Our leather, which is a byproduct of the food industry, is sourced from local tanneries. Using clean, minimal design, we handcraft each one of our bags from full grain leather that hasn't been sanded down or processed. Authentic leather has a way of growing on you as you carry it, becoming a part of your life as it takes on the unique markings of your journey.

This is US

Get to know the women behind the brand

Regina Bauman shows up a sign to tell what her role is in our company.

Regina Bauman

Founder | Designer

Married to a leather craftsman. Loves spending time with her man in his saddle shop. Visionary mom of two beautiful children. Lives in the heart of Tennessee. Carries the Market Tote to the library with the kids and grocery shopping. The Half-Moon bag is her top choice for a weekend in Nashville. Favorite activities include cooking and sarcasm.

Meg Delagrange, CMO of Urban Southern.

Meg Delagrange

Co-Founder | Marketing

Proud single mom. Currently finds her home in Nashville after over 22 moves between New York and Tokyo. Can typically be seen carrying multiple leather bags at one time because, after all, how can you choose just one? After hours, you may find her painting in her studio or sharing heart to heart thoughts on Instagram.

Ruby Schwartz, Production Manager and Designer at Urban Southern.

Ruby Schwartz


Ruby is Regina’s little sister. She is the 5th born out of 10 children. Her ride or die is the Crossbody Wallet because she can shop hands-free while wearing it, use it only as a wallet, or use it as a clutch for formal occasions. Constantly seeks out new experiences. Loves reading, Netflix binging, camping, and spending time with her niece and nephews.

Mary Henke Testimonial About Backpack Messenger

Mary Schwartz


Proud High School teacher by day. Brilliant editor for Urban Southern by night. From Amish, to serving a tour in Iraq, to getting a degree, life has quite an adventurous path picked out for our cousin, Mary. She soaks up life during the weekend with long runs in the woods or visiting a new coffee shop, devouring literary genius with a red pen.

Brittany Hershberger of Urban Southern

Brittany Hershberger

Production Assistant

Born and raised in Costa Rica. Works with Ruby in the shop making all the bags. Has always loved leather and creating things with her hands so she loves her job. Loves carrying the Circle Tote, Barrel Crossbody , and Crossbody Wallet because they go perfectly with her style. Brittany also enjoys sketching and hiking in her spare time.

Jenn Horst, Customer Service at URban Southern

Jennifer Horst

Customer Service

A southern girl from the rolling hills of Tennessee. Coming from a large family of 13, Jenn thrives from interacting with people on a daily basis and loves her job because of it. She says that she would be ridiculously lost without her Crossbody Wallet and Urban Tote. You won’t catch her anywhere without them! Deliciously prepared and presented food is her passion. Enjoys reading, outdoor adventures and traveling globally.

Each Urban Southern bag is created one by one. No mass manufacturing here.

Let’s step into our leather shop, in the heart of an Amish-Mennonite community known as Muddy Pond, Tennessee.

The first thing you’ll notice is the rich smell of leather. Each leather hide has been sourced and tanned here in the USA, a byproduct of the food industry. Each hide has a different color hue and markings that make it unique — this is how you can tell this leather is authentic.

We’ll unroll a leather hide and cut pieces for a bag from the hide. We'll hold each piece carefully as we line it up and hold it steady to be stamped with a hot branded iron that brands each bag with our logo, "Urban Southern". ⠀

We'll sit down at the sewing machine and make sure each piece of leather is in place before we start carefully sewing it together.

Once a bag has been sewn, it is nestled in a bit of tissue paper and hand packaged in a stamped Urban Southern box before it makes it's way to your doorstep. This is the way each leather bag has a story of its very own — from its beginning all the way through its journey with you.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We all love what we do, and are proud to each have a part in creating a good leather bag that will simply fit your everyday.