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Photos of Meg and Regina at Amos and Ida's House, Circa 1988
Amos and Ida's House | Circa 1988
Urban Southern About Us Image, Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman
Clingman's Dome, Smoky Mountains | Autumn 2016

Experiencing the best of both worlds.

Two cousins were born Amish and grew up as the best of friends. What do you call that, friendsins? Our twenties took both of us away from our traditional settings—even living life abroad in different countries.

Regina fell in love and married a third generation leather craftsman in the heart of Tennesee. She also fell in love with all things leather. Valuing the simplicity of our backgrounds, Regina wanted to create timeless leather bags that would simply fit your everyday.

Regina shipped nearly every one of her new leather bag prototypes to her friendsin, Meg. The first time Meg cracked open a simple, beautiful box from Urban Southern, she was hooked on owning leather.

This year we joined forces—along with our twin daughters who were born four hours apart.

Our Little Tribe


Meg Delagrange

Marketing and Design

Proud village mom. (Ask her what that means.) Currently finds her home in Denver, Colorado after over 22 moves between New York and Tokyo. The Backpack Messenger is her constant companion—her Macbook stays safe and protected in its own pocket. Loves team meetings on Snapchat. After hours, you may find her painting in her studio or Instagraming inspirational scribbles.


Regina Bauman

Product Designer, Founder

Married to a leather craftsman. Loves spending time with her man in his saddle shop. Visionary mom of two beautiful children. Lives in the heart of Tennessee. Carries the Market Tote to the library with the kids and grocery shopping. The Half-Moon bag is her top choice for a weekend in Nashville. Favorite activities include cooking and sarcasm.

Handcrafted in the Southern U.S.A.

Full Grain Leather

Each Urban Southern bag is handcrafted from a single piece of full grain, saddle leather. Our locally tanned cowhides have not been sanded down or processed. The full grain remains in the leather, retaining optimal durability. Each piece varies slightly in color tones, with beautiful natural markings.

Handmade With Love

As a family owned business we handcraft each Urban Southern bag — from choosing our leather from local, southern tanneries and creating our own patterns to stitching the bags and hand stamping the leather.

Timeless Design

Simplicity in fashion is the element that makes it timeless. Using clean, minimal design, we create leather bags for everyday wear that are fashionably timeless. As your leather bag accompanies you on your journey through life, it will absorb pieces of your story and become truly unique to you.