The story of Meg Delagrange of going from Amish to Tokyo.

From Amish to Tokyo and Beyond

By Meg Delagrange | June 19, 2017

31 years ago I was born to my Amish parents in a plain white farmhouse in upstate New York. My mom was 18-years-old and married for exactly nine months when she gave birth to me, her firstborn daughter. She tells me that she went into labor as she was milking a cow in their barn.…

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Feature image for How to Make Regina’s Best Rhubarb Custard Pie Recipe

How to Make Regina’s Best Rhubarb Custard Pie Recipe

By Regina Bauman | June 15, 2017

When I was ten years old, I sat on a porch swing slowly swinging while my mom and a friend chatted. There was a slight breeze, which carried the sweet smell of freshly cut grass and heat. They talked about the canning they had to do that week, what fruit was in season, and how…

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From Amish to finding my Fashion Joy!

How I Went from Amish to Finding My Fashion Joy

By El Stoltzfus | June 9, 2017

Meet El Stoltzfus, a personal friend of ours and an amazing member of the Urban Southern family. We’re incredibly honored that El would share her story with US. Like us, El was born Amish. Today she shares the journey of how she discovered her personal style. This post is not sponsored. The Beginning: Born Amish in the 80s…

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Dare to Turn Your Hump Day into a Powerful Win Wednesday

By Meg Delagrange | May 31, 2017

It started the morning my friend Ashley and I met someone who was kind of famous. We were sitting at her kitchen table, listening to stories of her life. She was a published author, her artwork was displayed at the Smithsonian, and she is widowed after ten years of marriage to the love of her…

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Sharing the important lessons I've learned from my grandmothers.

Five Important Lessons That I Learned From My Grandmothers

By Stephanie Spring | May 23, 2017

As Mother’s Day quickly came and went, my mind has been wandering to the women in my life; specifically my Grandmothers. I have been blessed by two amazing Grandmothers that I was fortunate enough to know well. They both share such admirable qualities and have hearts of gold. They are wise and intelligent women who…

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Visiting a small southern town.

The Benefits of Antique Shopping in a Small Southern Town

By Regina Bauman | May 16, 2017

Visiting small southern towns is the perfect way to spend a day or a weekend. It’s a few steps back into a slower pace and a look into a culture all of its own. Recently while on a work trip with my husband Jay, I got to go explore the little town of Tunica, Mississippi.…

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A mother holds her baby in a nursery.

When You’re Not a “Mother” on Mother’s Day

By Meg Delagrange | May 11, 2017

The room was blurry. I couldn’t sit up. Somewhere I heard people’s voices. My mom’s voice broke through my mental fog, “We need help! She just keeps passing out!” Muffled sounds were echoing off the walls; my ears were ringing. “…how much blood? How long….” The room was spinning again, and I couldn’t fight it.…

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Coach Inc. Bought Kate Spade But There's More to the Story, Fashion History

Coach Inc. Bought Kate Spade and There’s More to the Story

By Meg Delagrange | May 9, 2017

Yesterday Coach Inc. bought Kate Spade New York for $2.4 billion dollars, however, do you know the full story? We find it fascinating. “The acquisition of Kate Spade is an important step in Coach’s evolution as a customer-focused, multi-brand organization,” Victor Luis, chief executive of Coach, said in a statement on Monday. Coach Inc. hopes…

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Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman, the two power moms behind Urban Southern

Take a Peek Inside the Lives of Urban Southern’s Two Power Moms

By Meg Delagrange | May 3, 2017

Do they work all the time? How does she run a company while also being a mom? How does she work remotely? Are they on Instagram all day long? Since you must have all these pressing questions about what our lives are really like, we’re inviting you to a typical day in the lives of Urban…

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