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The Market Tote

(14 customer reviews)


Magically carry everything you need in a simple, strong leather bag that’s as unique as you are.

The Market Tote is designed for distributed weight carry, so it holds an astonishing amount while remaining comfortable.

In one beautiful, sturdy bag:

• Pick up ingredients for a healthy family dinner at the farmers market
• Carry your children’s day-to-day essentials
• Work from anywhere with your 17-inch laptop, notes, planner, pens and more
• Hop on a flight and easily fit this bag under the seat in front of you without anything falling out

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The Market Tote story

Inspired by the concept of the reusable grocery bag, the Market Tote was born out of a desire to make a bag big enough to fill up on a trip to the market, beautiful enough to take anywhere, and slim enough to never get in your way.

The Market Tote is one of Urban Southern’s first bags ever designed and created. Once our founder had the concept for this simple, strong and spacious bag, the design came together on the first try, and has been a customer favorite ever since.

How it’s made

All of Urban Southern’s bags are made for women, by women, and this bag is no exception.

The pieces for the Market Tote are cut one piece at a time from a full hide of our full grain, custom leather, and sewn together by Ruby and Brittany, our two-member production team right here in Tennessee.

We sustainably source the leather for this bag from a local tannery in Kentucky, and worked for over a year to perfect the weight, color and finish of the leather to bring you a bag that is as beautiful and durable as it is unique.
Comfortably hold groceries, day-to-day essentials and your laptop with room to spare, in an elegant bag that’s slim enough to carry anywhere, even as a personal item on your next flight.

Stands tall and makes a statement

The Market Tote stands tall and maintains its strong, feminine shape because of its durable stitching no matter what you have inside.

Its roomy design is seemingly endless, but it’s not magic. It’s just simple, smart design.

Unlike clunkier tote alternatives, the slim height of the Market Tote allows you to carry everything you need without taking up as much space.

For women by women

As a woman, you wear a lot of hats. We understand, which is why we wanted to make a bag fitting of all of them.

The Market Tote is designed for distributed weight carry, so it holds an astonishing amount while remaining comfortable.

In one beautiful, sturdy bag:

• Pick up ingredients for a healthy family dinner at the farmers market
• Carry your children’s day-to-day essentials
• Work from anywhere with your 17-inch laptop, notes, planner, pens and more
• Hop on a flight and easily fit this bag under the seat in front of you without anything falling out


Carry it two ways

The Market Tote has two handle options to make it easy to carry no matter what’s inside. Choose between the inviting, curved handle and long, strong double shoulder strap.

This bag’s full grain leather feels soft and smooth to the touch, and develops more and more character with wear and use.

Because we handcraft each bag from full grain leather that has never been sanded down or processed, your bag will be uniquely yours, and the marks it collects with you along the way will make it even more yours.

Picture it: Grab everything you need and quickly get out the door, with a bag that invokes compliments everywhere you go
Women who carry the Market Tote not only rave about the bag’s space, but its style. Its design is timeless, but still makes a statement with its quality and shape that will have other women asking you about it wherever you go.


The Market Tote by the numbers

• Rated 5 stars by customers
• Double shoulder handles, measuring 27.5″
• Dimensions: 20″ Tall, 14″ Wide, 6″ Deep
• Weight: 2.5 lbs


Make it last forever

This bag is designed to hold up to daily, frequent use and last you for a lifetime, but leather needs a little love to stay in tip top shape.

That’s why we made our Leather Cleaner and Leather Butter as part of our Leather Care Kit.

Here’s how to take care of your leather bag:

If your leather feels too stiff when it arrives, massage and roll it between your hands to soften it. Don’t be afraid to work it well! The best thing to do with a brand new leather bag is to use it. The more you use it, the softer and more beautiful it will get. Over time, full grain leather darkens and develops a natural sheen or patina.

Spot clean your leather bag gently with a soft, damp cloth, using our completely natural Leather Cleaner. Allow the leather to air dry completely (8-24 hours) before you condition it. Do not immerse your bag in water or use heat like a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Apply very small amounts of leather conditioner evenly on your entire leather bag. We recommend using our Leather Butter. You may also apply regular olive oil very sparingly as an alternative leather conditioner. The ideal time to condition leather to keep it healthy, supple and soft is about every 4-6 months.


Customers also love…

Tote Insert
Because of its simple, minimal design, The Market Tote doesn’t have any pockets inside, making it lighter for you to carry. If you want something to fill it out for extra organization, our fan-favorite Tote Insert does the trick.

Crossbody Wallet
Remove the straps on the Crossbody Wallet and take it with you inside the Market Tote to store your credit cards, smart phone and cash.

Mini Market Tote
If you love the Market Tote, but feel it might be a little too big for you, it’s also available in a smaller size. Meet the Mini Market Tote right here.

Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions20 × 14 × 6 in

Honey Leather, Chestnut Brown Leather, Matte Black Leather

14 reviews for The Market Tote

  1. Sharon Stoltzfus

    I love my Market Tote! It’s sturdy enough to carry anything I need to carry. I’ve traveled with it by plane, it makes the perfect carry-on because I can toss all the little extras in at the last minute. I use it for weekends away, for days out with the kids, and bringing home groceries. I love how everyone notices it wherever I go!

  2. Katie Smith – Cotton Social

    The market tote is an extremely universal bag that plays into my life and all the hats I wear on a daily basis.

    As a wife and mom, it’s important to me to feed my family healthy, local food. I love taking the market tote to our local farmers market. I really enjoy the fact that the bag has two handle options, which is great depending on what I purchase.

    As a mom, it’s a great size to house my son’s necessities and mine on a day-to-day basis.

    And as a growing entrepreneur of a stationery company, the bag is the perfect size for my laptop, notes, planner, and everything else I need to go to a meeting or to work outside my home office.

    And I just love how beautiful the bag is, the color and softness of the leather. I receive compliments on it all the time!

  3. Kelly

    I didn’t hesitate to pick the market tote since I live an urban lifestyle in Southern California. Our neighborhood is walkable with numerous grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and even an open air market so the market tote only made sense. I love the simplicity and quality craftsmanship of this bag. The quality of thIs bag will exceed your expectations. I’m often asked about it when I’m out and about, some people even ask if they can touch it!

    Aside from taking it to the grocery store or farmer’s market I also use this bag to hold my library books. I’ve started homeschooling my daughter this year and I can fit her entire curriculum inside which is awesome because we like to get out of the house and study at various coffee shops during the day.

    I love that Urban Southern products are hand crafted by a leather craftsman, a tradition that’s been passed down for generations in Tennessee.

  4. Cortney McCurry

    I love, love, love my market tote!  I get compliments on it daily, people love how unique it is and the phrase I hear time and time again is “wow that will last you forever!”

    I brought it on our recent trip (Australia, Fiji and Hong Kong) and it did not disappoint!  My husband started calling it the Mary Poppins bag as it seems to be endless in what it could hold and still be comfortable to carry.  My daughter adores her mini market tote as well.  I use mine as my everyday bag where I live in Singapore and I get asked about it all the time.

    I’ll be moving back to the states in a few months and I’m sure it will continue to be my go to bag.  Though you do have some other bags right now that are catching my eye!!!  maybe those will go on my birthday list for the summer 🙂

    Thank you for making such beautiful hand crafted pieces!

  5. B. Clark

    Great bag for shopping, traveling, or everyday. Please consider a way to incorporate a cell phone pocket into the bag.

  6. Charity Wilson

    Oh man–this is by far the best present that I have ever given myself. The Market Tote is HUGE inside and holds my makeup bag, medicine bag, wallet, phone, journal, 20 pack of pens, pencil kit, laptop computer, cable, water bottle, and snacks with plenty of room. I love that it is so open and things don’t have to fit into pockets and sections. This bag will last for the rest of my life and the scratches and scrapes collected just make it more beautiful. I am so in love with my Market Tote that I use it now in place of my backpack and purse (I’m a teacher and carry a lot of supplies every day.) Thank you Urban Southern!

  7. crazy4dizny

    My husband purchased this tote for me for Christmas. I LOVE it so much. No matter what you put in it the bag hangs perfectly. I’m looking forward to having many great adventures with this bag and I’m excited to see what story the leather will tell with age.

  8. donna

    I received my Market Tote (Large-Black) and the organiser insert today!

    I just want to tell you thank you for such great products!

    The insert is really great and keeps everything handy and neat in one place. The fact that the middle part is removable, lets you really customize when you need more space or to keep it in place when you need to store a lot of smaller items but need their own areas.

    The Market Tote is fantastic! I can’t believe how it feels and the leather smell is awesome. I didn’t expect the leather to be as thick as it is! It is exceptionally made! It is all around a stunning, unique piece that will surely last a lifetime! It is very roomy and is a work of art!

    Thank You for such craftsmanship, I will sure be a returning customer!

    Thanks for the key fob! That was classy to do!

    Keep coming up with new products!

    Thank you so much!

  9. Carolle

    I received my market tote yesterday and I LOVE IT. I originally wanted a bag strong enough and big enough to hold my laptop, notebook, and other things for work…but this will totally be my new LIFE bag. It’s huge and sturdy, but still classy and very neat looking. I can’t imagine going back to my other designer bags. I’ve received so many compliments on this bag already — I highly recommend it. Totally worth the price.

  10. Erin

    I love my brown Market Tote that just came in the mail! The full-grain leather is thick and luscious, and as soft as a baby’s bottom. I needed a tote to carry my 17 inch laptop, and it fits perfectly with room for notebooks and more. The shoulder straps are the perfect length, and they really distribute the weight of my bag so my shoulder feels great. I’m going to use my tote as a carry-on for my trip to New York City next month! I’ll tell everyone about Urban Southern, Regina, and how awesome your leather goods are! Thank you for also promoting female empowerment and showing women can start their own companies! We need women to support women more in the future! You have my full support

  11. LaToya W.

    I love this bag! The Market Tote is the best overnight/commuter bag. It’s the perfect size for a change of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and my computer. I bought the black Market Tote as a birthday present to myself last year, and it is only getting better with wear. I get compliments every time I use it, and am constantly letting people feel how soft (and sturdy) the leather is.

  12. Rachel Roberson

    I love my Market Tote!

  13. Lori E

    This is a substantial bag with a luxury feel. The leather is thick and gorgeous and sturdy. I put a tote organizer in the bottom and was able to ditch having a separate bag for my laptop. Even though it’s a large bag, I don’t feel overwhelmed carrying it every day. My favorite feature is the two ways to carry it: by the handles and by the shoulder straps.

  14. Elisabeth

    The Market Tote in black was my Christmas present to myself. I’ve been searching for a classic, black leather tote for work and stumbled across Urban Southern. I only carry leather bags so please believe me, this bag is exceptional. The leather is soft, thick, and smells amazing!! With other large totes I’m always digging to find “lost” items. But the Market Tote has such an awesome sturdy shape at the bottom so that items don’t go missing. The leather is so supple, the top handles collapse in if the bag is not full. I agree with other reviewers, this bag is totally a work of ART! Thank you Urban Southern for making such quality items and for the complimentary key ring. I’m already shopping for my next bag.

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