Do you Know the Fascinating History of the Bucket Bag?

The history of this authentic leather bucket bag involves wine.

The Birth of the Bucket Bag in the 1900s

The fashion industry constantly revisits history for new and modern inspirations. With vintage trends now turning modern, what’s could be better than studying design trends from the past to draw from their creative genius?

Let’s take a peek into the fascinating history of a practical and classic trend that’s simply known as, “The Bucket Bag.”

According to Vogue, which we all understand is a complete authority when it comes to fashion, the Bucket Bag trend started in the early 1900’s. It appeared first as a simple drawstring pouch, or as they called it back then, a reticule. From many hours of watching old movie classics, I think I can say with some authority that ladies would probably carry smelling salts, a handkerchief to whip out and drop in front of some unsuspecting gentleman and possible even a fan.

Did someone say champagne?

Vogue, October 1, 1943

Vogue's original publication showcasing a Bucket Bag design in the 1900s.

Since the turn of the century, the bucket bag has seen three, even four, major waves of influence. Louis Vuitton created one of the first modern bucket bags with the release of the Noé bag in 1932. It was originally intended as a stylish, yet sturdy method for transporting five bottles of champagne. Coincidentally, as a handbag, the Noé did not become fashionable until much later.” – The Art of Dress

Fendi’s coral patent leather mini bucket bag. Vogue, March 1987

Late in the 1980’s, the Bucket Bag appeared modeled in the iconic design that is still popular today.

Fendi’s coral patent leather mini bucket bag. Vogue, March 1987

Here it is in a shiny patent coral leather, along with an article titled, “The Impact of Shine, of Red and Black.” In recent fashion news, Shine is still quite popular as is the impact of red and black. Although it seems to be more popular in clothing, and less so in handbags.

Vogue also explored the “naked leather” in the Bucket Bag style as shown below.

“Naked leather” bucket bags. Vogue, March 1987

Naked Leather Bucket Bags, Fashion Magazine Spread in Vogue.

A myriad of bucket bags. Vogue, October 1993

A collection of Bucket Bag designs with drawstrings in Vogue.

In another Vogue spread from October 1993, we can see that the bucket bag style was created from a myriad of textiles and materials. Isn’t it fascinating to see vintage styles coming back again and again? Faux fur and even faux leather appeared again and again on the catwalks of this years fashion shows across the world.

Today’s Bucket Bag by Urban Southern

Carrying our southern made, handcrafted drawstring bucket bag.

Our leather bucket bag is a pared back version of this tried and true silhouette. An oval base with a simple drawstring style is made from a buttery soft milled, full-grain leather.

What is “milled” leather?

A photo of milled, full grain leather.

Milled leather is a full grain leather that has been slowly turned in a drum while being exposed to heat which breaks down the fibers and softens the complete hide at once. It also creates a pebbly kind of texture on the face of it. We use full grain leather for all of our bags, but this is the only bag that uses milled leather.

We use full grain leather for all of our bags but currently, this is the only bag that is made with milled leather.

Did someone say wine?

Come to find out, our leather Bucket Bag can handle up to three bottles of wine or champagne with ease.

Close up of Three bottles of wine in a simple drawstring bucket bag.

Three bottles of wine in a simple drawstring bucket bag.

Handcrafted leather bucket bag and a bottle of wine.

Leather Bucket Bag with a bottle of wine inside it.

Practical and Fashionable

Even as the iconic Bucket Bag made by Louis Vuitton was not just a handy way to carry champagne home from the store, so also does the true leather bag from U.S. flow easily from errands to fashion.

Jackie wearing a southern made, authentic leather bucket bag.

Jackie using her leather bucket bag.

Slip your arms through the straps and carry the bucket bag backpack style for a casual and practical hands-free look.
Jackie wearing the bucket bag as a backpack.

Pull the leather drawstring through and swing it over your shoulder in a chic crossbody style for a retro statement piece that sets off a basic outfit. The two narrow leather straps, when pulled evenly also slip over your arm for a vintage, turned modern style that will always keep you looking stylish.

Shop the Bucket Bag.

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