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Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman, the two power moms behind Urban Southern

Take a Peek Inside the Lives of Urban Southern’s Two Power Moms

By Meg Delagrange | May 3, 2017

Do they work all the time? How does she run a company while also being a mom? How does she work remotely? Are they on Instagram all day long? Since you must have all these pressing questions about what our lives are really like, we’re inviting you to a typical day in the lives of Urban…

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Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe by Contributor Stephanie Spring

Get Ready for Summer With Mexican Double Chocolate Ice Cream

By Stephanie Spring | April 29, 2017

Meet Stephanie Spring, one of our Urban Southern ladies! Stephanie is a teacher, blogger, and newlywed who tries to live each day with a thankful heart. Today she’s sharing one of her most popular recipes with us, and we think you’re going to love it. Who’s Ready for Summer? They say April showers bring May flowers,…

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Online shopping with a Macbook and Market Tote

How to Overcome the Struggles of Online Shopping

By Urban Southern | March 29, 2017

Regina has had a great amount of success with online shopping. I (Meg) have been afraid to try it, plus I live in a big city so I’m not limited to an availability of stores to shop at. Regina shares why she loves shopping online and answers some of the hangups I have with it. We…

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Wearing Floral Prints, by "The Year My Husband Dressed Me" with Josh and Megan Morken

3 Stylish Ways to Wear Floral Prints in 2017

By Meg Delagrange | March 21, 2017

That’s what she said. “I don’t think my dad would like it,” my friend’s brow was wrinkled. “The flowers are just waaaay too big.” My friend and I were picking out new fabric to make new dresses from while our moms chatted with each other a few aisles away. Her dad’s rule was that the…

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Founder and Designer, Regina Bauman, Urban Southern, with classy personal style. Her Winter Style is effortless and simple.

10 Easy + Fun Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

By Urban Southern | March 14, 2017

Several weeks ago I shared my story, From Amish to New York Fashion Week. We had an overwhelming response to that post and many ladies reached out to ask me more about how I found my personal style. I broke my process down into these 10 practical steps. 1. Read the Book Carol Tuttle’s “Dressing Your…

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A Stack of Full Grain, Unprocessed Leather

Why Not all Leather Bags are Created Equal

By Urban Southern | March 8, 2017

The first time you crack open a simple Urban Southern box, your home is filled with the smell of real leather. You’ll never forget that moment of unwrapping your new bag. You fall in love right then and there. You know that this leather bag is unlike any other leather bag you’ve ever held before.…

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Building a community of women around Urban Southern and high quality leather bags.

Leather Bags with a Different Kind of Style

By Meg Delagrange | February 21, 2017

AT THE HEART OF URBAN SOUTHERN At the heart of our vision behind Urban Southern is the notion that practical, high-quality leather bags are for every woman. (And dudes that 💖 our bags, too.) We’re Everyday Women As we filled our VIP seats at both of the runway shows we accessorized at New York Fashion…

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How I found my Style — From Amish to New York Fashion Week - Regina Bauman, Urban Southern

From Amish to New York Fashion Week

By Urban Southern | February 15, 2017

The Beginning: Born Amish I was born Amish and raised conservatively, so “style” was not a word I heard often growing up. I remember when I was thirteen, my mom made me a jumper, which was essentially a sleeveless dress. A “boughten” shirt, which is a plain button down collared shirt was added underneath the…

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5 Easy Ways to Stay Afloat with Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 Easy Ways to Stay Afloat with Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Urban Southern | February 7, 2017

1. Don’t Make Any This is the best advice you will receive from this post. I used to be one of those addicted to making many resolutions that I forgot about three weeks later. At the time I felt powerful, unstoppable. I can do anything! All I have to do is write it down! I’m…

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