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Urban Southern's Regina Bauman with handcrafted leather bag designs for interview with Southern Lady Magazine.

Urban Southern’s Spotlight Feature in Southern Lady Magazine

By Urban Southern | September 26, 2017

Urban Southern’s beautiful spotlight feature was written by Ashley Shaw and originally published in Southern Lady Magazine, The Autumn Issue, 2017.  Behind the Scenes of My Photoshoot for Southern Lady Magazine Photography by Nancy Center  |  Makeup by Jenna Reeves When Meg and I did an event in Birmingham, Alabama this year, we met someone…

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Getting some inspiration to be creative while wearing an inspirational leather bracelet.

Wear Daily Inspiration With Our New Leather Bracelet Cuffs

By Meg Delagrange | September 22, 2017

We’re all in need of a little more inspiration. In the past year of working together, we’ve focused hard on the goal of encouraging “community over competition” amongst women. Between the two of us, it hasn’t always been easy. We’re both really competitive and we always have been. To be completely honest, we’ve had moments…

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Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman, the two power moms behind Urban Southern

The Little Leather Bag Company That Thought It Could

By Urban Southern | September 19, 2017

This week we’re celebrating our one year anniversary of working together. Together we came up with eleven highlights from the past year. Oh, how we’ve grown as the little leather bag company that could do what it set out to do! 1. Website Redesign: Kicking it off with a brand new look. Meg and I…

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Feature Image for 5 of the Best Fall Looks on Instagram that You'll Love for Your Everyday Style

5 of the Best Fall Looks on Instagram that You’ll Love for Your Everyday Style

By Meg Delagrange | September 12, 2017

Labor Day marked the end of summer and the beginning of school for many of us. I’ve already started putting away my light colored summer clothes but I’ll be wearing my sandals for as long as I can. Luckily, mild fall weather lasts a long time where I live. The days are still too warm…

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Women working behind the scenes of our fall photoshoot.

Dear Wednesday, it’s time to look in the mirror.

By Meg Delagrange | September 6, 2017

Are negative thoughts distracting you today? Do you ever feel inadequate? Have you been holding on to thoughts that make you angry and you don’t know how to let them go? ⠀ We feel you. Letting these thoughts go is so much easier said than done. Let’s walk through a couple of simple steps to…

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Photo of a leather backpack, showing the supplies that are inside. Photo for the post, "How to Help Your Child Make Friends At School This Year"

How to Help Your Child Make Friends At School This Year

By Stephanie Spring | August 28, 2017

We, Regina and Meg, didn’t grow up with a traditional schooling experience. Regina attended a one-room schoolhouse in her community while Meg was homeschooled. No matter what differences you and I may share in our individual schooling experiences, we are sure we can all come together on one thing — we want our children to…

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How to Create Simple Artwork That Will Make Your Living Space Come Alive

How to Paint a Poppy Painting With a Spoon

By Meg Delagrange | August 21, 2017

In our secret lives — our night life and our weekend life — we enjoy getting creative in ways that don’t necessarily involve leather. Regina likes to cook. (You may have already tried one of her incredible recipes.) I like to paint. I’ve been painting for almost ten years — a hobby that I picked…

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Market Totes by Urban Southern.

Coming Up With the Idea for Our Popular Leather Market Tote

By Urban Southern | August 8, 2017

Since The Market Tote has been our top seller (and my favorite, shhh don’t tell the others) it seemed only fair to share a bit of the design and story behind it! The Story Behind The Market Tote One day in the vast research library we also call the Internet, I came across a simple…

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All travel items laid out before I pack the tote bag with everything I need for two weeks of travel.

A Struggling Minimalist’s Guide to Packing One Tote for Two Weeks of Travel

By Meg Delagrange | July 25, 2017

When I traveled to Japan last December, I packed everything I needed for my 2 week stay in one simple tote bag, The Market Tote. Does that sound crazy? This won’t make you feel better if you want to try this because I’m going to be honest — I felt absolutely nuts when I decided…

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