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Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman behind the scenes. Feature image for the post, "When you don't have what it takes, do it anyway." Year end highlights.

When You Don’t Have What it Takes, Do It Anyway

By Meg Delagrange | December 22, 2017

Looking back at 2017 Last year, I was writing about Urban Southern’s 2016 highlight reel from my friend’s dining room table in Tokyo, Japan while Facetiming with Regina back in Tennessee. We were trying to figure out how we were going to accessorize two runway shows at New York fashion week. It was exciting and…

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Celebrating a Season of Wonder | How to Unlock the Wondrous Delight of this Season

How to Unlock the Wondrous Delight of this Season

By Meg Delagrange | December 7, 2017

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, but it’s full of wonder. Cooling temperatures put us in a hygge state of mind. A hearty warm bowl of soup in the dead of winter leaves us with full stomachs and a house that smells divine. Early sunsets create long evenings that are the perfect opportunity to…

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A family wearing slow fashion, handcrafted clothing.

How I Went from Amish to Finding My Fashion Joy, Part II

By El Stoltzfus | November 20, 2017

We’re so excited to welcome our friend El back to our blog! Her first post about growing up Amish is one of Urban Southern’s most read and shared posts! We got quite a few requests to learn more about how she’s found her style and she has agreed to share more of her story. Enjoy!…

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Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman putting boxes together for shipping, behind the scenes of their interview with Fox Business.

Behind the Scenes of Our Interview with Fox Business

By Meg Delagrange | November 13, 2017

On October 6th, I got an email from a producer at Fox News who was interested in our story. “Hi Meg, I’m with Fox News/Business and writing you to learn more about your company Urban Southern…” The following Monday morning, we had a phone call from a film producer and an executive producer from Fox…

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Mysterious dream dressing room doors.

What Would Your Dream Dressing Room Look Like?

By Meg Delagrange | October 26, 2017

Written by Regina Bauman and Meg Delagrange Regina’s Dream Dressing Room Theme: Show the World Your Soul Song by Chelsea Gill — Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful The Elements: ☑ Copper Pipe Clothes Rack ☑ Wall hooks for Bags ☑ Huge Detailed Floor Mirror ☑ Vanity ☑ Chandeliers ☑ Fluffy shag rug ☑ Velvet Floor Poufs ☑ Coat Tree ☑ Inspirational Art 1. Chandelier…

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Inside look: Regina Bauman working on sketches for a new leather bag design.

Insider Look: How I Design With You in Mind

By Urban Southern | October 17, 2017

Stage One: Finding Inspiration I sit down at a clean wooden table, in a comfortable chair in a lovely bright office. I sip a latte from my #girlboss coffee cup as inspirations start flowing. Usually, as soon as I pick up a pencil and put it to my adorable, little sketch pad, I get hit…

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Feature image for Stephanie's blog post about 4 simple, fall style fundamentals.

4 Simple Fall Style Fundamentals That You Need to Know

By Stephanie Spring | October 9, 2017

Photos by Ashley Kremmer Photography  How does each season always seems to sneak up on me? I forget the feeling of a 90 degree summer day as it rolls around and the bitter chill of a snowy day when we get the first snowfall. Fall feels as though it is constantly fighting between holding onto…

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A french picnic laid out for three friends in Paris, France.

How to Delight Your Friends with a Tantalizing French Picnic

By Urban Southern | October 2, 2017

When I started making plans for a trip to Paris, one of the first things on my Paris Bucket List was a French style picnic in the park. I pictured a real French baguette, salty prosciutto and soppressata, creamy cheeses and of course sweet and colorful macarons all while sipping a bottle of Rosé on…

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Urban Southern's Regina Bauman with handcrafted leather bag designs for interview with Southern Lady Magazine.

Urban Southern’s Spotlight Feature in Southern Lady Magazine

By Urban Southern | September 26, 2017

Urban Southern’s beautiful spotlight feature was written by Ashley Shaw and originally published in Southern Lady Magazine, The Autumn Issue, 2017.  Behind the Scenes of My Photoshoot for Southern Lady Magazine Photography by Nancy Center  |  Makeup by Jenna Reeves When Meg and I did an event in Birmingham, Alabama this year, we met someone…

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