Author Jolina Petersheim sits on a chair with a coffee mug and her full grain leather Market Tote.

Meet Jolina Petersheim, an Author of Amish and Mennonite Fiction

By Meg Delagrange | November 14, 2018

“I like to think of myself as a creative doula: not the one who gives birth, not the one who catches the baby, but the one who cheers on the person giving birth. In the creative world, that means cheering on my artistic friends.” —Jolina Petersheim Last month, we met up with Jolina in the…

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Reese Witherspoon book, displayed in a flat lay.

Once Upon a Time, Reese Witherspoon Came to Muddy Pond, Tennessee

By Regina Bauman | November 6, 2018

So Reese Witherspoon wrote a book and its as fabulous as you would expect. It’s full of life and love and laughter and cheese. The recipes are delightfully Southern, the photography is enchanting and the stories will catch your heart and have you laughing out loud. I learned an amazing new trick for baking biscuits,…

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A campaign to equip women who are survivors of human trafficking, by Urban Southern. Women are holding up signs in this photo with the words "equip her" threaded together.

How You Can Make a Difference with Creativity

By Regina Bauman | October 17, 2018

Creativity: The use of imagination or original ideas to create something. —Oxford Dictionary This past summer when I was in Europe, I got to see so many beautiful, ancient buildings. The creativity of people who lived hundreds of years ago still stands strong in many places. The cathedral in Milan, Italy was one of the…

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A southern outfit formula, combined with 3 types of outfit ingredients.

A Simple Outfit Formula that’s as Sweet as Tea

By Meg Delagrange | September 4, 2018

“Can I get y’all something to drink?” She’s smiling, waiting for me to decide what I’ll choose from the menu to quench my thirst. One glance around the room reveals the drink of choice for nearly everyone there. Folks are laughing and eating between drinks from big glass jars filled with sweet tea. I smile…

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4 steps to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, by Meg Delagrange.

4 Simple Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer into Fall

By Meg Delagrange | August 28, 2018

Oh goody. It’s almost my favorite time of the year—fall! But how do we wear fall styles when the temperatures are still in the 80s and 90s during the weeks ahead, especially in the southern states? And how do we change the look of our wardrobes without going out and buying an entirely new wardrobe?…

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Easy ways to travel, with the perfect travel bags.

How to Get the Most out of Your Travels in Four Easy Ways

By Regina Bauman | August 10, 2018

One of my goals for our summer trip to Europe was not to allow my expectations to take center stage. I’m one of these people who has read travel blogs, followed Instagram accounts and read books about many different places, so of course, I had big dreams for the magic of actually visiting them myself.…

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Showing the market tote as an activity tote. Summer break activities for kids.

65 Creative Ways to Turn Your Kid’s Summer Break From Boring to Brilliant

By Mary Schwartz | July 2, 2018

The sun is shining bright and brimming with possibility, and you hear the most dreaded five letter word of summer, “I’m BORED!” The kiddos have been begging since the start of school for its release, and now that summer break is here, they don’t know what to do with the free hours that stretch into…

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A bowl of a Scandinavian Summer Dish: Iced Berries with Hot White Chocolate Sauce

A Scandinavian Summer Treat: Iced Berries with Hot White Chocolate Sauce

By Regina Bauman | June 27, 2018

One summer day I drove to Nashville and pulled into the airport pickup lane, waiting for Meg to arrive from Denver. We laughed and talked as we drove towards Murfreesboro to have lunch with some friends. Since working together remotely, when we’re actually together, there are never many quiet moments! Usually, as we drive we…

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Variety of necklaces stacked on top of a leather bag during a lifestyle photoshoot.

Not Sure About Your Outfit? Put a Necklace on It!

By Meg Delagrange | April 5, 2018

Do you feel completely confident when you have a foreign object swinging from your neck? Do you worry about the way it’s hanging? Do you worry about whether it’s the right type of necklace with the outfit you’re wearing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, take a deep breath (and smile) because…

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