Five fun (and hilarious) tips for working remotely with Snapchat Filters

Five Fun Tips for Working Remotely The Everyday Way

By Regina Bauman | October 24, 2016

Working remotely has been a growing trend for several years with the abundance of new communication channels. Quite a few very educated people have written many well-researched and professional articles about How to Work Remotely and Successfully. But here’s the thing. We’re not what you might call hyper-professional office commuters.  We work from our couches…

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How to make Grocery Shopping Fun, Plus how to make Kimchi Tacos

How to make Grocery Shopping Fun + Kimchi Tacos

By Regina Bauman | October 17, 2016

A lot of my food inspiration comes when I’m grocery shopping. I even love to try new grocery stores when I’m traveling just to check out their local selection. All those aisles and shelves of ingredients to make delicious dinners are like a wonderfully varied buffet. Browsing through the options leaves my brain spinning with…

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Urban Southern Leather Bags in the Spotlight of Fashion, Lifestyle, and Mama Blogs.

As Seen in the Spotlight on Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

By Meg Delagrange | October 12, 2016

Over the past two years, a beautiful, supportive community of stylists, lifestyle bloggers, and micro influencers have helped our brand grow. This is our small way of giving each of these amazing individuals a shoutout. Without further ado, please enjoy their gorgeous photography and reviews. Amy Marietta Amy Marietta takes us on a sensational, photographic adventure through…

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Regina carrying a real leather urban tote.

Three (Good) Reasons For You to Buy a Real Leather Bag

By Regina Bauman | October 2, 2016

Featured Product: Leather Urban Tote One. You appreciate understated luxury. We all want to carry luxury on our arm, but some of us would rather stay a little out of fashion than to plunk down our inheritance for a Rolex watch or a Birkin bag. Luxury is frequently synonymous with items that are bold, flashy, or simply…

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Accessorize with Leather: Outfit Style Inspiration with Leather Accessories

Confidently Accessorize with Leather: 6 Creative Outfit Styles

By Meg Delagrange | September 22, 2016

Learning to confidently accessorize with leather did not come naturally for me. When I saw other people carrying leather before I owned any leather pieces of my own, I couldn’t understand the attraction to leather. I thought the prices of leather pieces were ridiculous. I thought leather was too bulky and high maintenance. I thought…

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Working remotely with leather backpack messenger from Urban Southern.

One Simple Product to Simplify Your Life

By Regina Bauman | April 11, 2016

Do you enjoy the little things in life? In this millennium we have so many flashy things that are competing for our attention. Robotic vacuum cleaner anyone? We are reminded daily by inspirational blog posts, articles and social media to enjoy the little things. Stop and look up at the sky. Savor a cup of coffee with a friend.…

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Have an Idea, Create Something of Value

How to Get Your Idea Out and Create Something of Value

By Regina Bauman | May 16, 2015

The idea is always the beginning. The moment you have the epiphany, the smatterings of an idea gradually connects and becomes something. Something that wasn’t there before you thought about it.   “I begin with an idea. Then it becomes something else.” Pablo Picasso Once you have the beginnings of an idea, get started! When we…

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