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What is “slow fashion” and why should you care about it?

Regina Bauman holds a piece of authentic leather that will be turned into a slow fashion handbag in the leather shop. Piles of leather are draped on the work bench behind her.

First of all, let’s familiarize ourselves with a few of the terms being thrown around the fashion world these last few years. Here are a few quick definitions, so that we’re all on the same page! Slow Fashion Slow fashion is about shopping intentionally and realizing that less is better. It is making the purposeful…

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How to Use Self-Care to Create a Life that You Don’t Need to Escape From

A soothing image of someone who is mindfully pausing for a moment to reflect on what holistic self-care truly means.

What is Self-care? Self-care is the act of managing your own physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. If you find yourself having to regularly indulge in consumer self-care, it’s because you are disconnected from actual self-care, which has little to do with “treating yourself” and more to do with parenting yourself and making choices…

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Insider Look: How I Design With You in Mind

Inside look: Regina Bauman working on sketches for a new leather bag design.

Stage One: Finding Inspiration I sit down at a clean wooden table, in a comfortable chair in a lovely bright office. I sip a latte from my #girlboss coffee cup as inspirations start flowing. Usually, as soon as I pick up a pencil and put it to my adorable, little sketch pad, I get hit…

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Urban Southern’s Spotlight Feature in Southern Lady Magazine

Urban Southern's Regina Bauman with handcrafted leather bag designs for interview with Southern Lady Magazine.

Urban Southern’s beautiful spotlight feature was written by Ashley Shaw and originally published in Southern Lady Magazine, The Autumn Issue, 2017.  Behind the Scenes of My Photoshoot for Southern Lady Magazine Photography by Nancy Center  |  Makeup by Jenna Reeves When Meg and I did an event in Birmingham, Alabama this year, we met someone…

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The Little Leather Bag Company That Thought It Could

Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman, the two power moms behind Urban Southern

This week we’re celebrating our one year anniversary of working together. Together we came up with eleven highlights from the past year. Oh, how we’ve grown as the little leather bag company that could do what it set out to do! 1. Website Redesign: Kicking it off with a brand new look. Meg and I…

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How to Travel Happy Everywhere You Go

Feature photo for: How to travel happy, everywhere you go with two feet standing on a colorful tile floor.

Written by Regina Bauman and Meg Delagrange You might have already noticed that we both love to travel. I (Regina) traveled a lot as a young adult and loved every minute of it. I spent time studying Spanish in Antigua and Guatemala, lived in Honduras for six months, visited Columbia, South America several times, and…

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