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Not Sure About Your Outfit? Put a Necklace on It!

Variety of necklaces stacked on top of a leather bag during a lifestyle photoshoot.

Do you feel completely confident when you have a foreign object swinging from your neck? Do you worry about the way it’s hanging? Do you worry about whether it’s the right type of necklace with the outfit you’re wearing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, take a deep breath (and smile) because…

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How to Create More and Fear Less

A flat lay of materials as we get ready to create a bag from leather in the leather shop.

Creativity is the beginning of everything. Look at every single thing around you. At some point there was nothing there — nothing existed except for a thought. Every single thing you see around you was birthed in the moment of creative thought. “Creativity” is the word we chose for 2018. The process of creation can…

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When You Don’t Have What it Takes, Do It Anyway

Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman behind the scenes. Feature image for the post, "When you don't have what it takes, do it anyway." Year end highlights.

Looking back at 2017 Last year, I was writing about Urban Southern’s 2016 highlight reel from my friend’s dining room table in Tokyo, Japan while Facetiming with Regina back in Tennessee. We were trying to figure out how we were going to accessorize two runway shows at New York fashion week. It was exciting and…

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How to Unlock the Wondrous Delight of this Season

Celebrating a Season of Wonder | How to Unlock the Wondrous Delight of this Season

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, but it’s full of wonder. Cooling temperatures put us in a hygge state of mind. A hearty warm bowl of soup in the dead of winter leaves us with full stomachs and a house that smells divine. Early sunsets create long evenings that are the perfect opportunity to…

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Behind the Scenes of Our Interview with Fox Business

Meg Delagrange and Regina Bauman putting boxes together for shipping, behind the scenes of their interview with Fox Business.

On October 6th, I got an email from a producer at Fox News who was interested in our story. “Hi Meg, I’m with Fox News/Business and writing you to learn more about your company Urban Southern…” The following Monday morning, we had a phone call from a film producer and an executive producer from Fox…

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What Would Your Dream Dressing Room Look Like?

Mysterious dream dressing room doors.

Written by Regina Bauman and Meg Delagrange Regina’s Dream Dressing Room Theme: Show the World Your Soul Song by Chelsea Gill — Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful The Elements: ☑ Copper Pipe Clothes Rack ☑ Wall hooks for Bags ☑ Huge Detailed Floor Mirror ☑ Vanity ☑ Chandeliers ☑ Fluffy shag rug ☑ Velvet Floor Poufs ☑ Coat Tree ☑ Inspirational Art 1. Chandelier…

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Wear Daily Inspiration With Our New Leather Bracelet Cuffs

Getting some inspiration to be creative while wearing an inspirational leather bracelet.

We’re all in need of a little more inspiration. In the past year of working together, we’ve focused hard on the goal of encouraging “community over competition” amongst women. Between the two of us, it hasn’t always been easy. We’re both really competitive and we always have been. To be completely honest, we’ve had moments…

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