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From Amish to Tokyo

The story of Meg Delagrange of going from Amish to Tokyo.

31 years ago I was born to my Amish parents in a plain white farmhouse in upstate New York. My mom was 18-years-old and married for exactly nine months when she gave birth to me, her firstborn daughter. She tells me that she went into labor as she was milking a cow in their barn.…

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Coach Inc. Bought Kate Spade and There’s More to the Story

Coach Inc. Bought Kate Spade But There's More to the Story, Fashion History

Yesterday Coach Inc. bought Kate Spade New York for $2.4 billion dollars, however, do you know the full story? We find it fascinating. “The acquisition of Kate Spade is an important step in Coach’s evolution as a customer-focused, multi-brand organization,” Victor Luis, chief executive of Coach, said in a statement on Monday. Coach Inc. hopes…

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